Meet East Asian Food & Meet New Friends

Hi, this is a blog for the real food lovers. It’s a great pleasure that you would like to share your time with me in exploring East Asian foods through my blog. Thank you so much.

I was born in China, and East Asia is a region which is always related closely to my personal life. I am also a big fan of K-pop music and Japanese animations, so I’ve paid lots of attention on those two countries, especially their food cultures. Therefore, my blog will mainly focus on Chinese, Japanese, and South Korean foods.

I will combine the information that I’ve collected from my own experiences, opinions of my friends and other fun facts in the local TV shows or other sources to help make a useful, interesting, and diverse blog for East Asian foods.

You may find related topics that I mentioned below in my future blogs:

  • East Asian food restaurants around West Lafayette (WL)
  • East Asian food supermarket trip
  • Homemade East Asian food
  • East Asian food that you cannot miss
  • New-style vs. Traditional
  • East Asian foods events on campus
  • Best East Asian snack gifts

I would not make any statement based only on my own perspective because I do think opinions on foods could be very subjective and unique-everyone has his or her favorites. Alao, I’m not a professional food critic who may has a very high demands of foods, thus, sharing new East Asian food information and make you feel happy after reading my post will be the main purpose of my blog.

Last but not least, your ideas or concerns are always the best topics for the bloggers. So if there is anything special you would like to know about, please don’t be hesitate to leave a comment or send a email to me.

Hope all of us can meet both new East Asian food and new friends here in my blog. See you later in my next post!

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