Lantern Festival Fair at Purdue!

The Chinese Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, usually in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. The Lantern Festival is traditionally the last day of the most important Chinese festival, the Spring Festival. It is also the first full moon night in the Chinese calendar, marking the return of spring and symbolizing the reunion of family.


Lighting and appreciating lanterns is the main activity of the festival. Solving lantern riddles is one of the most important and popular activities at festival fairs. Besides, eating yuanxiao is also a traditional custom for the festival. Therefore the Lanterns Festival is also called the “Yuanxiao Festival.”

I always went to Lantern Festival fair with my parents in China before I came to Purdue. If you ask me what was the most memorable thing that I’ve got form those experiences, I would say it was the time that I spent with my family and other friends in the fair. It’s so good to have a chance to hang out with all the people that you love and playing interesting games, eating great foods together. Lots of bad things will be put far far away from us or just forgotten in this day, because everyone is enjoy the holiday and laughing is the only thing we remember doing. An Chinese people love using red decorations in Lantern Festival, taking photos or selfies with those beautiful lanterns is also a thing that you probably wouldn’t want to miss.

The Lantern Festival Fair holds by Global China Connection (GCC) and collaborated with Delta Phi Lambda, Chinese Engineering Student Council, Hong Kong Student Association and Purdue Han Culture Association.

1-1 Event Info:
Date: 02/11/2017
Time: 3:00 pm — 6:00 pm
Location: Krach Leadership Center Lobby

1-1 Ticket Sale:
Date: 02/06 — 02/10
Time: 12:30pm — 5pm
Ticket Price: $5 (Game ticket; kids are free); Food ticket will sale during the fair.
Location: @PMU Starbucks table

1-1 Event Content:
The event mimics traditional temple fair in China.


There will be various stations that serve either traditional Chinese food or Chinese folk games. Participant will receive stamps after accomplishing tasks at each game station and those stamps can be exchanged for a lottery withdrawal.

People can learn calligraphy, watch Chinese dance performance there. Attendees will also get a chance to put on Han Chinese clothing during the event.

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