Canned/Frozen Food is Spurned in China?

Yesterday when I searched for some food blogs to do my daily recourse reading and expanding activities, a post about Chinese food culture had jumped into my sight. As a Chinese, I found it was so interesting to read that I thought I have to share it with you guys. Here is one of the tips it has mentioned in the post:

It Must Be Fresh in China — Canned/Frozen Food Spurned:

Wet markets (where live/freshly-butchered animals and freshly picked foods are sold) abound in China — almost one per city block. Many Chinese go every day. Fridge freezers are catching on, but fresh veg is still a must. Tins are despised.

Also, according to Chinese medicine food must be eaten in season to combat too much yin (cold weather) and yang (hot weather), dryness, or dampness. E.g. huge white radishes (with high yang) are very popular in winter.

After I read this paragraph, frankly, I thought the writer must had done a lot of work before he/she wrote this tip. However, most of the things could not be that extreme and there is only half of the tip is true. For me, I’d rather say that Chinese prefer fresh food more than the canned/frozen food. But with the old tradition of treasuring food, people wouldn’t spurn canned/frozen food, and some people are willing to buy it if needed.


When I was little, I sometimes went to the wet market near my home with my parents to buy my favorite fresh seafood and vegetables. As I remembered, the last time I went there probably was in my high school. Although we bought fresh foods at wet market or local green grocer, the pace of life is getting faster and faster these years and people are having less time to buy those foods and make meals by themselves during the weekdays. As a result, fast food or canned/frozen food is becoming much more popular among the young generations. While the middle-aged or older generations who may have a higher demand on the taste and freshness of the food, or someone who concern a lot on health will consist spending more time on purchasing fresh foods at wet market or green grocer.

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