A Glimpse of the Lantern Festival Fair

Still remember the Lantern Festival Fair that I mentioned in last week’s post? I had spent a whole afternoon there with my friends.

This was my first time to take part in this event because I used to worry about the activities were not interesting or just not real Chinese traditional festival fair activities. However, I recognized that I was totally wrong when I actually attend in, and the fair was incredible and amazing. I ate a lot of traditional foods made by the organizers who were also students at Purdue. Such as the glutinous rice lotus, fried dumplings, Tang yuan (the iconic food of Lantern Festival), also a huge cup of milk tea. The fried dumplings were cooked just right and mixed with the more Chinese-style sauce. This probably was the taste of home since it was so similar with the dumplings that I had eaten in China.

Although I extremely love the foods they provide, the games were also leave me a very deep impression this time. especially the riddles on the lanterns. I spent a lot of time on that with my friends. One of my friend, who was so curious about the Kong Bamboo and spent nearly 15 mins on learning how to play that.

Just can’t wait to show you some photos of the foods and the interesting games.

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