Spicy Alert: Fire Noodle

I’m going to show you guys a very delicious, very famous and super spicy Korean noodles today  – the Fire Noodle. How popular is this spicy noodle? You can go to YouTube and type “fire noodle challenge”. Then you will probably see tons of videos like these on your webpage:


If you think you are good at eating spicy food, I highly recommended you to try one later. Because even though I’m a person who can’t live without spicy food, I still think it is super spicy for me. However, I can not stop myself buying it.

I know that lots of people actually do not have such high tolerance on spicy food, so I found a video that introduces a new way to eat the Fire Noodle which will help reduce its spiciness but remain its deliciousness.



The Fire Noodle contains instant noodles and other two smaller seasoning packages. One of the seasoning packages is the hot chili sauce, which is the main character of this noodle. Another condiment is packaging with sesame and seaweed. The instant noodles provided by the Fire Noodle have a very high level of strength and elasticity, which is another outstanding part of it.

To make the original Fire Noodle, you could either boil a pot of water and heat the noodles with the hot water; or you can put the noodles directly into the pot and then cook it until soft. However, no matter which method you use, you have to make sure that the water is drained after the noodles are cooked. Add the two seasoning packages on the noodles and stir them until the chili sauce evenly coated on the noodles.

When I eat the Fire Noodle, I sometimes feel my esophagus is burning; my tongue is numb; and my lips will swell up. You may feel all the blood in your body are accelerating the flow, which makes people feel interesting and happy.

Fire noodle can be easily bought in Amazon.com or Yamibuy.com. Or you can also buy it at the Better World Market or C&T Market.

Here is the link of the Fire Noodle with milk and cheese. This recipe could be more acceptable for most of the customers. I’ve tried it by myself, and I think I will love it more than the original one unless it doesn’t cost me that much time and money. But I still recommend it.




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