Shinya Shokudō (Midnight Diner): A drama can warm the spring up

Any plan for spring break? I will travel to Washington D.C. for several days with my friends. At first, I was super excited about the cherry blossoms because the National Park Service said the flowers would be fully blooming three weeks earlier than normal this year. But yesterday, the NPS claimed that the blossoms wouldn’t reach their peak until March 19 since the temperature would go down next week. Anyway, I will find some really nice food and excellent museums to help release my sadness of missing the cherry blossoms.

Some of my classmates said they planned nothing special to do during the whole break. Well, staying at home and doing nothing is also a good choice – that’s exactly what I have done in my first spring break here at Purdue. But you still need to do something, right? So I prepared an excellent TV series about Japanese food for those who may need something fun to kill time.

timg (2)


Shinya Shokudō (深夜食堂), literally means the diner serves at midnight. It is a very simple, relax and warm drama that you do not even need to think too much when you watch it. All the stories are shared as conversations during the meal time. People in the drama will tell you their stories. Some of the stories are so realistic that you may find lots of examples in your own life; some are showing the love and inclusiveness among people, which can make the audience feel being cured after they watching it. Such as the confusion from a gangster boss; a transgender female who admire the gangster boss; a young generation who tries so hard to earn money but still can not afford their own life; the wife who is trying to maintain her broken family; the love story between two customers who are firstly met in the midnight diner. Sounds a bit sad, but the show will give very rational and mild answer of those problems or issues at the end.

The chef, but also the owner of the midnight diner, he will calmly listen to people’s stories and serve their favorite foods. There is no specific menu in the diner because the requirements from the guests are the only recipes. Some characters even crying when they eat something has the similar taste with the dish they used to eat long time ago that contains so many memory or their early dreams inside.

Shinya Shokudō can be divided into a special category of Japanese film and television work which is named as food and cure type. The food in the movie is not limited to Japanese cuisines, but also foreign cuisine that has certain Japanese dietary characteristics.

I love watching this TV series during the warm winter afternoon, at the quite midnight, or when sitting in the soft sunshine in spring. Because only the warmest things can be commensurate with such a gentle drama. Put down all the unhappy things but enjoy the kindness of the humanity. There is a very popular internet phrase in China says: “Only food and love can not live up to.” This sentence is exactly what the drama wants to express.

Since I’m going to enjoy my most precious spring break time, I will continue updating my blog after the spring break week. Maybe I can share you guys some nice East Asian food restaurants in Washington at that time. The weather report said that the temperature would also go down in Lafayette area, so I hope my recommendation will warm your spring up a little.


See you after the break and enjoy your time!

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