Regina Kim: I have a restaurant helps me remember Purdue

People always say that they love foods. However, they seldom shared the reasons why they love foods so much. One thing can be used as an answer to this question can be easily found in everybody’s life: foods can help a person to remember a place – they contain our memory. This idea was exactly what Regina Kim, a Purdue student from South Korea, shared with me in our conversation about her favorite East Asian Food Restaurant at Purdue.

“I would recommend Rice Cafe cause it’s not a food to eat alone for one person, and the Shrimp with Chili Sauce and the General Tso’s Chicken is so good,” Kim said when she talking about which restaurant was her beloved one, and how would she introduce it to the people who were new on campus.

Rice Cafe is a small restaurant located next to the Rawls Hall and Harry’s Chocolate Shop on the Pierce Street. It is a made-to-order Chinese restaurant and will deliver food to nearly anywhere in the West Lafayette and Downtown Lafayette areas.

“I really like the taste of the General Tso’s Chicken there. The chicken is not that spicy and salty as some of the other restaurants,” Kim said. And the General Tso’s Chicken is a very popular sweet, piquant, deep-fried chicken dish that is almost served in all kinds of Chinese restaurants in North American.


“I always eat their foods with friends. Because they offer a lot of amount of food, so you can not eat them all by yourself,” Kim explained. She described this situation by sharing a short daily conversation: “My friends and I always saying ‘Do you want Rice Cafe?’ ‘Oh yes, I do.’ And then we will make the order.” She also added that the food served best for 2-3 people. This could be a good chance for peers to share fun things together during the meal.

“Rice Cafe reminds me about exams, ” Kim laughed when she shared her most memorable thing related to the restaurant. “Because I always study late during the dead week, and I usually order Rice Cafe with friends at that time in the library or home. The best thing about this restaurant is that it delivered until 4 a.m.,” said Kim. She then explained that this probably meant that if you were hungry at 2 a.m., although most of the restaurants were closed, you could still order anything you like in Rice Cafe. It’ s a super convenient restaurant seems designed specifically for those who always stay up late at night.

“It (remind her about exams) is not a very good thing maybe. But I think whenever I eat it, it reminds me of those nights,” said Kim. “If I graduated, it may remind myself of the college life I had at Purdue.”And when she left campus, she might also talk about the tasty General Tso’ s chicken and shrimp which she used to spend so many time with them with her friends.

  • Rice Cafe’s official website:; or you can make your order on Hungry Boiler app on smartphone.
  • Fun fact about General Tso’s Chicken: the dish’s name comes from a famous statesman and military leader, Zuo Zongtang (formerly romanized Tso Tsung-t’ang), from Hunan province in Qing dynasty. However, there is no recorded connection to him nor is the dish known in Hunan. The chef, Changgui Peng, who was said to be the first person made this recipe, randomly chose this name for the dish.

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