Journey in Peppercorns Kitchen

One of my friends, who had transferred to UIUC one year ago, came back to Purdue last weekend. She always said she missed the foods in Peppercorns Kitchen (巴国演义) here in West Lafayette. So, me and she, with another friend of us, went to the Peppercorns Kitchen during the early lunch time on Saturday. Since it was 11:30 in the morning, so the restaurant seemed way more empty than usual (I used to wait nearly 40 minutes for a table there).

We ordered four dishes, three meat cuisines, and one vegetable. Some were the famous dishes recommended by many of my friends, and some were the new dishes on the menu. The tip in Peppercorns Kitchen was a little bit expensive, but their service was good. It’s a nice place to have delicious Sichuan cuisines with 3 or more people together. And if you love spicy food, you wouldn’t want to miss this restaurant.

Click the video below and see what we’ve got! The basic information of Peppercorns Kitchen is at the end of video.

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