Noodle & I

West Lafayette was in a great sunny and warm weather last Sunday. My friends and I were planning for a long time hoping to try the new restaurant called Noodle & I located just across from the Maru sushi restaurant.

Noodle & I contains different kinds of noodles, pho, vermicelli, and some appetizers. Its food types basically belong to East Asian and Southeast Asian specialties. Although they are trying to diversify the noodle types, the taste is not that traditional than the restaurants who are focusing on only one area’s noodles.


This was the first time we actually came to visit the restaurant, therefore, their menu looked like a treasure map for us and we had no idea about which one was the best noodle here. So we followed our intuition and made our choices. Two of us ordered Korean type vermicelli, one was seafood, and the other was beef with fried egg. I had the Vietnamese Pho with beef. The last person of us ordered a Japanese Miso Ramen.

Over all, the taste of the noodles are good, especially the appetizers they provided for the noodles and pho. And Noodle & I has a very fast service. The noodles are also not expensive, which may be very appropriate for students. It locates at 111 N Chauncey Ave., not far away from the Chase bank. They also offers delivery service. You need to download Ricepo for ordering.


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