42nd Annual Food Bazaar at Purdue

Spring always couples with positive words, somehow, so does food.

April 8th, a warm sunny Saturday with a gentle breeze. I went to the 42nd Annual Food Bazaar held by the International Center of West Lafayette (ICWL) at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church with my friends.

We tried lots of delicious and special foods not only from East Asia, but from more different countries around the world. Such as the kimchi pancakes made by South Korea, the winter roll at Vietnam booth, the hazelnut torte from Switzerland, Taiwan braised pork with rice, rice pudding at Indian table, and so on. Although the foods were the main characters of the event, however, I got more than that. My friends and I also met some new friends there. We spent a long time sharing some fun cultural facts and our feelings of the foods. One of them gave me their food tickets as a gift when they left.

This experience actually reminds me a sentence said by one of my friends. She once told me that: “the stories and feelings behind the things always add more beautiful meanings to them.” Sometimes, people will focus more on food itself, such as its recipe, taste or price, rather than its inside. However, food could contain more than just food itself. With this idea, I made a simple short slideshow to share the joyousness, enthusiasm, and kindness carried by the food in this year’s food bazaar with you guys. Let’s start the journey:

If you are also affected by the warm and happy atmosphere of the food bazaar, don’t miss it next year in the early spring day. It always held at the same time as the Purdue Spring Fest. Remember to bring some cashes with you to buy the tickets ($1/ticket; the food price is from 1-4tickets).


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